Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in the bathroom

This home in Eureka had a large amount of mold growing in the bathroom. The home owner had tried to remove the mold herself, but it kept growing back. Finally, ... READ MORE

Mold in the Attic!

When mold is visible in your home, you do what you have to eradicate it. But what if you have mold in your home and you can't see it? What if it is in the attic... READ MORE

Mold in a church

In these pictures you will see a church that has been contaminated with mold throughout the church. There had been a water leak at the church that hadn't been r... READ MORE

Watch out mold, here we come!

Mold is not only ugly and unsanitary, it is resistant to many different cleaners. Sometimes when we think we are killing the mold in our homes, we are actually ... READ MORE

Ceiling in Eureka

This homeowner in Eureka had mold all over their ceiling due to a leak in the roof. It had been a very stormy winter and took quite awhile to repair the roof. O... READ MORE

Moldy Garage Wall in Arcata, CA

This wall in Arcata was molded as a result of water damage from steam emitting from a broken water heater. Steam had been released in the garage and became a ho... READ MORE