Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Duct cleaning at a Humboldt Casino

These air ducts at a local casino in Humboldt County were covered with dust and nicotine. The years of people smoking while playing the slots had taken their to... READ MORE

We are only as healthy as the air we breathe!

Do you ever feel congested, sneeze-riddled or get a sore throat when you spend time at work? Does it clear up as soon as you go outside? The air you are breathi... READ MORE

Dust and Pizza Do Not Mix!

Have you ever sat at your workplace and noticed that no matter how often someone cleans, there seems to be a permanent film of dust encapsulating... READ MORE

Fire damage to school

This Junior High is Farmersville, Texas suffered major damage from a fire. SERVPRO worked around the clock to remediate the problem, so that school could be res... READ MORE