Recent Before & After Photos

Mold in the bathroom

This home in Eureka had a large amount of mold growing in the bathroom. The home owner had tried to remove the mold herself, but it kept growing back. Finally, ... READ MORE

Leak in roof from heavy rain storm

Winters in Humboldt County can be brutal. This last year was no exception! The rain came down and down and down. We had record rainfalls and as the days turned ... READ MORE

Water from above

The water damage in this ceiling was caused from a water leak from the floor above. The leak from above was undiscovered for some time and by the time someone f... READ MORE

Tree versus house

When living in a beautiful house next to giant Redwood Trees, you hope that wind storms never become an issue. Unfortunately, at one time or another they will g... READ MORE

Fire damage in the bathroom

A disaster in a home,- your home- can be a very traumatic experience. We have team of trained crew members who are experienced to help walk with you during... READ MORE

Fire in the home

When thinking about a fire in the home, do images of flames and heat occur? Maybe a piece of furniture on fire or an item melting from the heat of the flames?Al... READ MORE

Mold in the Attic!

When mold is visible in your home, you do what you have to eradicate it. But what if you have mold in your home and you can't see it? What if it is in the attic... READ MORE

Water in the laundry room

Water heaters are such amazing, helpful household items!! That is until the water they hold, starts leaking all over the laundry room floor. This homeowner wasn... READ MORE

Tree takes out the roof

Here in Humboldt County, we have nasty, nasty wind storms! Trees fall across roads causing traffic hazards and unfortunately they also sometimes fall on houses.... READ MORE

Mold in a church

In these pictures you will see a church that has been contaminated with mold throughout the church. There had been a water leak at the church that hadn't been r... READ MORE